Our Teachers

Michael "Puck" KranzContra-Mestre┬áMichael ‘Puck’ Kranz was first introduced to Capoeira at Oberlin College, in Ohio. When he moved to Oakland, California to work with a literacy program. His old friend, Bessa Kautz, brought him to the International Capoeira Angola Foundation group in Oakland, under Contra Mestre Rogerio. For 4 years, he studied in Oakland under CM Rogerio and Mestre Jurandir, as well as the other mestres of FICA, which transformed his life for the better. Upon moving back to his native New York in 2004, Puck sought to continue studying, playing and living Capoeira Angola, which eventually led to co-founding the group in New York. In both Oakland and New York, Puck has worked with various programs for children, youth and people struggling with addiction, realizing the power of Capoeira Angola to heal, empower and build community.

Njoli BrownNjoli Brown began his study of Capoeira in Denmark (1997). After two years of intensive study with group Quilombo do Norte came the decision to study the Angola style of capoeira with a master (mestre) of the art form. In 1999 came a move to Seattle to train with Mestre Jurandir Nascimento who, at the time, had recently moved to the northwest from southern Brasil to start a chapter of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation. At the close of 2006 Njoli moved home to New York City and has been an integral part of the establishment of a group dedicated to training this beautiful artform here in lower Manhattan and is also developing and facilitating a multiplicity of youth programs centering around the use of Capoeira Angola as a tool for inspiring community action and social justice.